about “lille cirkel ”

I do not want to be bound by time, but I am curious what time it is now


This little watch is not for knowing every minute and second.
A small signal to know the minimum sense of time.
A small ring of fingers and arms = Lille Cirkel adds a little accent to everyday life.

You only need to know the approximate time, so check your smartphone for the exact time.

指や腕に付けた小さな輪 = lille cirkel が、あなたの日常にちょっとしたアクセントを加えます。


The people who made this “lille cirkel ”

“lille cirkel” was founded by one person who has been involved in products and projects for various Nordic watch brands for over 10 years. Small watches incorporate the ideal and realistic concept of time.

“lille cirkel” は、10年以上に渡り北欧の時計ブランドに携わってきた一人の人間の、時間への理想と現実に対する思いからスタートしました。

A tribute to the simple modernity of Scandinavian design, with the admiration for a relaxed time that is not chased by time, the struggle for daily busyness, and two conflicting realities in a clock that accurately measures time. Then, the watch “lille cirkel” was born.

時間に追われないゆったりとした時間への憧れと、日々の忙しさへの葛藤、相反する2つの現実を、時刻を正確に測る時計というもの に込め、北欧デザインのシンプルモダンさに敬意を表したとき、小さな時を感じる時計 “lille cirkel” が誕生しました。